WELCOME to the SABDEE store. 

Hello, I am Ameera.  I am happy you are here.  As an artist, I have done work in the graphic art industry for much of my life.  I used to be in the teaching business, but now I'm doing something different. 

In 2018, I started this online business to get African print themed products to you.  One of the things that I want to do is to get my own art designed onto products that I can sell to you.  I believe color is good.

WHAT do I do?   I embrace other designs and expand upon what I learn to improve my art; and overtime my goal is to develop designs to help me accomplish my mission which is to create my art and have factories sell products with my designs on them. 

WHEN I am selling online ethnic art designed products from all over the world.  I am shipping from factories directly to you which helps keep prices lower for you.

I find and sell products to improve your life; for example, Duvet/Bed Covering and Pillowcases that help you get a relaxing sleep and improve your sleep quality. Your bed is a key part of your life.

I sell  African Print Style Men and Women Clothing that helps you get a good look and a good fit.  I sell Africa Theme Products that look different from the other products you buy.

WHERE I see ethnic designed products that look great, I ship from responsible sources so you can feel good about the sustainable products that you purchase.

Let me know if you want other ethnic designed products.  I'll find what you want and you can order it from my online SABDEE store.

Thank you for stopping by ETHNIC ART DESIGNS online store (SABDEE) located in Portland, Oregon.  Ameera

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