Why settle for something that doesn't fit your body or that you don't love to look at?  Chances are your clothes and your home furnishings are not filled with colorful designs that make you feel good about yourself.

We believe that clothing and home furnishings should be fashioned in designs which make you feel great.  Your clothing should be an extension of you and your home furnishings should make you feel alive. 

Some of my family members who were not happy wearing clothes that did not fit our body, and not seeing designs that encouraged us decided that these African print style men and women clothing, and Africa theme home products inspired us.

We are selling these Africa inspired products.  You can have a relaxing shower, a good night's sleep, clothes that fit your body, and home furnishings that make you feel healthy. 

Try these African Print designed products today: men and women clothing, bedroom/duvet covers, bathroom shower curtains, pillowcases, floor mats, and get ethnic designs with art that makes you look and move like music.

Let me know if you want other ethnic designed products.                                  Email  Ameera Saahir                              




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